Monday, December 12, 2011

2011 in review

well, i end this year very differently than i started it.
different job.
different school.
different home.
a lot has changed over the year.
i got promoted and then let go.
i graduated from ASU (well i am about to at any rate, done with all my exams!)
i decided to completely switch career paths and will be starting at gateway in the spring to complete my prereqs for a new program.
i moved back into my parents house.
i dont tend to do well with change so i view it as a miracle that i am still sane at this point.
although the people around me might tell you that im not...

first thing next year i dive headfirst into a new world. one with medical terminology, bio, and bls certifications.
and no, im not going to nursing school.
at the beginning of the year i said i wanted to find a way to give back and i guess i have found it.
when you go looking you never know what direction god will point you in, and this certainly isnt what i was expecting.

but for now, i will enjoy my 5 week break, watch a lot of NCIS, spend time with my friends, family, and of course my baby jones, work a lot, and enjoy the holidays.

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