Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Marriage Equality

"If you want to get married, go to one of the states that allows gay marriage."

This quote was referenced in a CNN news story today here : http://www.cnn.com/2013/03/26/politics/same-sex-marriage-court/index.html

Marriage. It isn't just about the title that it brings. The Mrs or the Mr. The ceremony and the presents. The piece of paper that says you are a married, committed couple. Sure those things are great. But the important part of marriage that is being denied to so many in this country is the rights and protections that come along with that piece of paper.

Imagine for me if you will, getting married and then getting a promotion in your job that will move you to another state. Great news! You got a promotion! Unfortunately, in the state you are moving to, your marriage is not legally recognized. So your spouse will no longer be receiving your benefits, we wont pay for their move, you will need a power of attorney on file with anyone you want them to be able to discuss finances or insurance with, oh and if they get in an accident and are in a coma, I'm sorry but you wont be able to see them. Terrible isnt it??

Or for you older married couples, imagine working your whole life knowing that if you pass away, your spouse will not receive your military retirement, or social security benefits, or any of the other things that you have set in place to take care of them when you are gone. Let's hope whoever you set up your will and life insurance with did it correctly, otherwise your spouse won't get anything from that either.

And worst of all, imagine not having any legal standing when it comes to medical issues. Imagine your spouse, or your child, gets injured in and auto accident and are dying. I'm sorry, but if you're in the wrong state, you cant see them, let alone make any decisions about their well being.

It isnt about the piece of paper or the title that comes with it.
It is about the safety and security that comes with the union. There are so many federal, state, and legal benefits that a spouse receives that a "partner" does not.
Let's take those benefits away from the married individuals who are arguing against marriage equality for just one year, and then let's see how they feel about equal rights.

Sure, I hope to one day have a beautiful ceremony in which I commit myself for life to the one I love, but more than anything on that day when I say "I Do," I hope to get the benefits that come along with a legally recognized marriage.

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