Friday, July 1, 2011

whew...its been a LONG time

so my mom told me the other day that she was sick of checking my blog and not having anything new to read.
i dont know that i have anything too interesting to say today, but gee, i didnt even know anyone was reading my blog! why has it been such a long time since i blogged? and what the hell have i been doing?
well i can say one thing, i havent been doing much in the way of "giving back". unless you count the fact that i have been working 50-60 hours a week at a nonprofit working with kids every single day.
i count that.
also, i finished another semester of school AND...drumroll please............I MADE THE DEAN'S LIST!!!
i think it is pretty amazing that 2 years ago i almost failed out of school and this semester i got a 3.53 GPA. should have been higher, but we wont get into that....damn you professor kalika.
besides running our summer day camp program at work i have also been running our sports program still, and we finally opened our new gym which is SUPER exciting and opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for what we can do with our sports program. i cant wait!

well i guess that is all for now, ive got to go get ready. i finally got a few days off of work and today i am headed to cooler ground. this heat is killer and even if i can only get out of it for a few hours i will DEFINITELY take it.

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