Thursday, August 25, 2011

where do i go from here?

it is disturbing to me how dead on these books i am having to read for school are. (My Reality Check Bounced and Never Eat Alone) i only wish i had read them a couple years ago.

i am the twentysomething almost college graduate who has no idea what she wants to do with her life, is unhappy in the job she is in, and is about to move back in with her parents.
so, where do i go from here?

i am not exactly sure, and i guess these books and classes are supposed to be helping me figure that out. i am not fantastic at anything, but i am good at a lot of things, so i dont have a clear specialization that i want to go into. i am passionate about a lot of things (specifically i love nonprofit, working with small children, and working with numbers - although those three dont necessarily go together), but not on fire about anything, so i dont really have a drive to jump head first into anything crazy. its too bad it took me until my last semester of college to figure all this out. and i still have a long way to go.

as a first step, i am supposed to ask the people closest to me what they perceive to be my greatest strengths and weaknesses in order to help determine where i go from here. so, what are my greatest strengths and weaknesses, in your opinion??


  1. From your Dad (who is extremely proud of you) I would say that your greatest strength is your ability to work through any problem and make things happen. I was just talking to Chasidy today about how you had such a huge challenge this summer but you never quit and you made the difference in so many kids lives. I'd say your weaknesses are few, but if there is one that you could work on it is the flip side of your tenacity - sometimes you procrastinate for far too long and find yourself up against the wall with nowhere to go.

  2. Strength- your heart. No I'm not being sassy. You have one of the sweetest, gentle loving hearts. Your passion for people is evident in just a smile. I appreciate that selfless quality from you!

  3. strength - carrying the groceries up in one haul.
    weakness - cleaning the kitchen. or being motivated to clean anything. but your chore lists seem to help.