Thursday, July 26, 2012

my thoughts on Chick-fil-a

ok, so maybe these arent MY thoughts, but a friend of mine articulated perfectly how i feel about the whole chick-fil-a situation so i wanted to share. 

" I don't agree with his [Dan Cathy] personal beliefs. and I don't support every organization that the company [Chick-Fil-A] chooses to support. but the same can be said of nearly every single company. isn't the beauty of this country that we have the freedom to state our beliefs? cfa isn't going to start kicking people out who disagree with them. they aren't even going to kick openly gay people out (or frog/pig couples for that matter...). if I'm still welcome in their establishments, welcome to openly share my beliefs, and get a yummy chicken sammich out of it? someone explain to me how they're the ones at fault? when it comes down to it - everyone is still welcome and invited to share with them. and it irks me that the ones preaching and fighting for "equality" are unhappy that someone is sharing a belief different from theirs. yet that's at the core of why they argue - to see everyone get a say. they can't have it both ways. (this is coming from someone who adamantly supports equal rights, goes to an open & affirming church, and thinks rainbow Oreos are a cool idea. "

I dont understand when we lost the middle ground. why is it ok for me to want others to hear and share my beliefs but we are so intolerant of others opinions. it seems like so many people fight for "tolerance" right up until someone else's opinion is different than theirs. like stated in this quote above, Chickfila is not discriminating against gay couples, or kicking them out of their stores, the CEO of the company simply holds different beliefs than i do and he had the balls to publicly state them. 

I am not looking for a huge argument, I have heard the opinion of just about every single person I know on this subject and thought I would take the opportunity to share my opinion. 

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  1. the image just makes me want my damn chicken sammich with pickle. mmmmmm.