Monday, June 11, 2012


At the risk of sounding conceited, tonight I want to say that I am proud of myself.

Over the past 5 ½ months there are plenty of things that could have derailed my progress; my weight constantly staying between 157 and 160 lbs no matter how hard I try, my knee injury that came back to bite me, my back giving out on me, a social life threatening to derail me, I could continue on… Somehow though, I have continued trucking on.

I tend to discount my own accomplishments a lot, whether it is because I don’t feel I am worthy of any sort of accolades, or whether I just don’t want to make others feel bad, I don’t really know, I just feel uncomfortable putting them out there.

But tonight is different, tonight I am proud. This weekend I ran my second 5k, bettering my time by 2min 41sec, this week I finish the first phase of New Rules of Lifting for Women (and tonight I did my squat sets at 100 lbs), and I got my body fat tested again and I am down to 18.0%. Hell yes!

So yes, tonight I am proud, tonight I am driven, and tonight I don’t mind if others think I sound conceited.

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