Sunday, September 4, 2011

adventuring! gone wrong...

so last night i decided to go out and have a good time. why not? i am only 21, you're only young once, and besides that i had free 6th row seats to the mercury game.
anyways...the night started off great! we went to the game, the mercury won (yay!), and we saw some great women's basketball.
after the game, we decided to almost get killed in the after game traffic and then hit this little restaurant/bar in downtown phoenix called Bliss reBar.

let me give you a little info here before i continue...i have a condition called endometriosis, so does my mom, and it is a terrible condition that some women are afflicted with. anyways, about 85% of the time i can keep my symptoms in check, but when i cant...bad things happen.

so anyways, we get there and decide to have a drink and all of a sudden i started feeling not so great. i went to the bathroom and when i came back i felt really dizzy, was seeing spots, and couldn't hear very well. so, i got a glass of water and sat on a bench. then, i started feeling super nauseous and decided i definitely needed to go back to the bathroom (didn't want to throw up on the patio of the restaurant, not very cool). so, i asked one of my friends to go with me in case i passed out in the bathroom, we stand up to go, and i didn't even make it to the bathroom. next thing i can remember i was hitting my head into something very hard as i hear "elli, elli, elli??? are you ok???" no, i was not ok. i blacked out and ran head first into the wall which had metal bars on it covering a window. (thank god or my head would have been through the window).
After the fentanyl! 
paramedics were called, dad was called, everyone at the restaurant thought i had passed out drunk, i looked like a fool I'm sure.
ended up going to the hospital with dehydration, which was just worsened by the pain i was experiencing, and coupled they were just too much for my body to handle.
so, i got to hang out in the ER for a few hours, get all sorts of tests done, get 2 bags of saline, fentanyl, zofran, and then sent home with instructions to watch for signs of head injury and stay hydrated.
not really the fun time i set out to have last night, but thankfully i am ok.

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